The work here at The RNA Institute contributes to an engine of job creation as well as the competitiveness of the United States.  Through research and technology development, The RNA Institute brings together the two key elements of progressing human health and economic development. RNA is the next frontier in drug discovery because of its specific ability to target disease and potential for minimal side effects in patients. However, in order for biopharma and biotech companies to bring RNA therapeutics to the mainstream, first, a greater understanding of the molecule itself and development of novel technologies is necessary. Unlike other nucleic acid research centers, The RNA Institute’s mission revolves around the process of developing technologies in partnership with companies interested in using and commercializing the technologies leading to out-licensing and spin-out companies. In doing so, the Institute creates a supportive entrepreneurial environment that is essential to bridging the intellectual freedom of academia together with the know-how and wherewithal of pharmaceutical companies and start ups.  With our educational charge, The RNA Institute is also training a highly skilled workforce of researchers that established and new companies  will need to fulfill RNAs’ promise and potential.


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