2020 Presidential Award Winners

Congratulations to our students!

We are excited to announce that FIVE undergraduate students from the The RNA Institute were awarded the 2020 Presidential Award for Undergraduate Research.

This award was established to encourage undergraduate research and scholarship and to recognize the high quality of work being conducted by undergraduate students at the University at Albany. The students were nominated by their faculty within the Department of Biology, and finalists were selected by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences who was impressed with the quality of research skills, training, and project. This is an example of the exceptional academic work being conducted by the undergraduate students at The RNA Institute.



Thomas Banco – Quantification of Individual Base-Stacking Interactions in DNA using Calorimetry and Single-Molecule Force Clamp Experiments

Faculty Advisor: Ken Halvorsen




Kara LaFlamme – Role of RNA modifications on gametogenesis

Faculty Advisor: Prashanth Rangan




Sharon Shaughnessy – Sex differences in alternative splicing in myotonic dystrophy

Faculty Advisor: Andy Berglund




Javier Vilcapoma – Toward tailored biostability of DNA nanostructures

This research will appear in the top chemistry journal,  Journal of American Chemical Society.

Faculty Advisor: Ken Halvorsen



Hyun Ah Michelle YoonRACK1 facilitates cap-independent translation of polyA-leader sequences

Faculty Advisor: Gabriele Fuchs


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