4th Annual Symposium: RNA Science and Its Applications

March 17, 2017


Topics, Keynote Speakers and Session Chairs:  Symposium Schedule 

Session 1: mRNA Therapeutics: Processing and Targeting Chair:  Erik Sontheimer, RNA Therapeutics Institute, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester
Erick Somtheimer on behalf of Melissa J. Moore, PhD (keynote) – Cheif Scientific Officer, mRNA Research Platform, Moderna Therapeutics; Eleanor Eustis Farrington Chair of Cancer Research, Co-Director RNA and Neuro Therapeutics Institutes (RTI, NTI), University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester
Kristen Lynch, PhD – Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

Session 2:  RNA Trafficking, Signaling, and Imaging Chair:  Tom Gingeras, Professor and Head of Functional Genomics, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Maria Barna, PhD (keynote)Assistant Professor, Departments of Developmental Biology and Genetics, Stanford School of Medicine
Mikala Egeblad, PhD – Associate Professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory 

Session 3:  lncRNAs and Therapeutic Applications Chair Bijan Dey, PhD, Principal Investigator, The RNA Institute, University at Albany
Jeanne B. Lawrence, PhD
(keynote) Professor & Interim Chair, Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester

Session 4:  RNA Structure Informs Function Chair:  Marlene Belfort, Distinguished Professor, Interim Director, The RNA Institute, University at Albany
Tom Steitz, PhD (keynote)Nobel Laureate co-prize recipient in Chemistry (2009), Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry at Yale University, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator
Denis LJ Lafontaine, PhD – Professor and Research Director, F.R.S./FNRS Université Libre de Bruxelles, and co-founder and co-director of the Center for Microscopy and Molecular Imaging

Oral and Poster Presentations:  

Oral Presentation Winners
Xuebing Wu, Postdoctoral Scholar Bartel Laboratory, MIT
Katrina Tluckova, Postdoctoral Scholar Ragan Laboratory, The RNA Institute, University at Albany
Poster Presentation Winner
Kathleen Leamy, Graduate Student, Pennsylvania State University
Pooja Flora, Graduate Student, The RNA Institute, University at Albany
Molly MacIsaac, Graduate Student, The RNA Institute, University at Albany

Concurrent Workshops

  • Epitranscriptome analysis of RNA modifications at attomole level: Special Guest Hosts:  Doug Postl, LCMS Product Specialist, Agilent Technologies and Steven Davis, UAlbany Molecular Genetics PhD candidate 

This workshop instructs participants how to prepare RNA samples for identifying RNA modifications using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry (LCMS). In addition, participants will learn how to operate LCMS instrumentation for RNA modification quantification and how to process the data for analysis. You are welcome to bring your own sample for analysis.

This workshop instructs participants how to detect microRNA using DNA nanoswitches and standard gel electrophoresis. Participants will learn how to prepare, purify, and use the nanoswitches, and how to analyze the data.

  • RNA Dynamics: Structural Modeling Through Simulation Workshop:  Drs. Paul Whitford and Alan Chen
    This workshop provides a combination of interactive and hands-on activities focused on the use of atomistic simulations to help interpret single-molecule FRET and SHAPE structural studies of RNA. Scientists at all levels are encouraged to attend even if they have little or no prior simulation experience as a general overview will be provided in the morning session, followed by hands-on tutorials on running and visualizing simulations in the afternoon sessions.

Organizing Committee:  Alan Chen, Joan Curcio, Bijan Dey, Melinda Larsen, Prash Rangan

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