The potential of engineered eukaryotic RNA-binding proteins as molecular tools and therapeutics.

Carl R. Shotwell John D. Cleary J. Andrew Berglund

Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: RNA · November 03, 2019

A CTG repeat-selective chemical screen identifies microtubule inhibitors as selective modulators of toxic CUG RNA levels.

Reddy K, Jenquin J, McConnell OL, Cleary JD, Richardson JI, Pinto BS, Haerle MC, Delgado E, Planco L, Nakamori M, Wang ET, Berglund JA.

PNAS · October 15, 2019

Mitigating RNA Toxicity in Myotonic Dystrophy using Small Molecules

Reddy K, Jenquin JR, Cleary JD, Berglund JA

Int. J Mol Sci · August 17, 2019

Combination Treatment of Erythromycin and Furamidine Provides Additive and Synergistic Rescue of Mis-splicing in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Models

Jenquin, J.R., Yang, H., Huigens, R.W., Nakamori, M., Berglund, A.

ACS Pharmacol. Transl. Sci. · July 17, 2019

Repeat-associated RNA structure and aberrant splicing.

Hale MA, Johnson NE, Berglund JA.

Biochim Biophys Acta Gene Regul Mech · July 16, 2019

Furamidine Rescues Myotonic Dystrophy Type I Associated Mis-Splicing through Multiple Mechanisms

Jenquin JR, Coonrod LA, Silverglate QA, Pellitier NA, Hale MA, Xia G, Nakamori M, Berglund JA

ACS Chemical Biology · September 21, 2018

An engineered RNA binding protein with improved splicing regulation.

Hale MA, Richardson JI, Day RC, McConnell OL, Arboleda J, Wang ET, Berglund JA

Nucleic Acids Res · April 06, 2018

Dose-Dependent Regulation of Alternative Splicing by MBNL Proteins Reveals Biomarkers for Myotonic Dystrophy

Wagner SD, Struck AJ, Gupta R, Farnsworth DR, Mahady AE, Eichinger K, Thornton CA, Wang ET, Berglund JA

PLoS Genet · September 16, 2016

Conservation of context-dependent splicing activity in distant Muscleblind homologs.

Oddo JC, Saxena T, McConnell OL, Berglund JA, Wang ET

Nucleic Acids Research · September 30, 2016

Actinomycin D Specifically Reduces Expanded CUG Repeat RNA in Myotonic Dystrophy Models.

Siboni RB, Nakamori M, Wagner SD, Struck AJ, Coonrod LA, Harriott SA, Cass DM, Tanner MK, Berglund JA.

Cell Reports · December 22, 2015

Biological Efficacy and Toxicity of Diamidines in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Models.

Siboni RB, Bodner MJ, Khalifa MM, Docter AG, Choi JY, Nakamori M, Haley MM, Berglund JA

J Med Chem · August 13, 2015

Modifications to toxic CUG RNAs induce structural stability, rescue mis-splicing in a myotonic dystrophy cell model and reduce toxicity in a myotonic dystrophy zebrafish model.

deLorimier E, Coonrod LA, Copperman J, Taber A, Reister EE, Sharma K, Todd PK, Guenza MG, Berglund JA

Nucleic Acids Research · November 10, 2014

Computational approaches to mine publicly available databases.

Voelker RB, Cresko WA, Berglund JA

Methods in Molecular Biology · January 27, 2014

Alternative pre-mRNA splicing.

Wagner SD, Berglund JA.

Methods in Molecular Biology · January 27, 2014

Reducing levels of toxic RNA with small molecules.

Coonrod LA, Nakamori M, Wang W, Carrell S, Hilton CL, Bodner MJ, Siboni RB, Docter AG, Haley MM, Thornton CA, Berglund JA.

ACS Chemical Biology · November 15, 2013

Combinatorial Mutagenesis of MBNL1 Zinc Fingers Elucidates Distinct Classes of Regulatory Events

Purcell J, Oddo JC, Wang ET, Berglund JA.

Molecular Cell Biology · October 01, 2012

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