MDF Fellowship Awarded

Carl Shotwell Awarded the Wyck/Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Fellowship

Carl Shotwell, a third year PhD student in the Berglund lab, was awarded a two year Fellowship from The Wyck Foundation/Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation (MDF) Fellowship Research Award RFA grant program. Carl’s application entitled “Engineering Synthetic RNA Binding Proteins to Probe the Mechanisms of Myotonic Dystrophy and Development of Potential New Therapeutics” involves engineering and testing synthetic proteins to probe the many cellular functions of Muscleblind (MBNL) proteins. The underlying premise of the work is that artificial MBNL proteins can be engineered to be taken up directly by cells, preferentially bind the toxic CUG repeats, and restore proper MBNL1 regulation of transcript processing. Reagents developed here can advance understanding of the role of MBNL in gene regulation, as well as potentially lead to novel therapeutic strategies.

The announcement can be found here on the MDF webpage.

Congratulations to Carl and thank you to the MDF for this generous support of his work on Myotonic Dystrophy.

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