COVID-19 Information

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Local efforts in the fight against corona virus

Some members of the RNA Institute (our Wadsworth colleagues) are part of the Department of Health’s team that is providing the essential coronavirus testing for New Yorkers. The Institute leadership has been in communication with these colleagues and have offered support through the use of scientific equipment and reagents for the testing efforts. We have been in contact with our colleagues at Regeneron and are excited to hear that past and current trainees from the Institute are part of the team effort to develop novel tools for combating this virus.

Coverage on the scientific efforts to understand the virus and treatments in development

What can you do?

1. Stay at home but maintain communication with friends and colleagues

2. Reach out to the vulnerable in your community and help them

3. Donate blood but call first to make an appointment to minimize your interactions

4. More ways to help HERE

The Coronavirus Explained

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