Dr. Chandrasekaran publishes on Nanocarriers

RNA Institute Researcher Arun Richard Chandrasekaran recently published an article in Trends in Biomedical Sciences entitled “DNA Nanocarriers: Programmed to Deliver.” In this review, Dr. Chandrasekaran and his co-authors discuss the strategies used to transform DNA nanostructures into drug delivery vehicles. They provide an overview of recent attempts at using them to deliver small molecule drugs and macromolecular cargoes and present the challenges that lay ahead for these synthetic vectors as they set new paradigms in the field of nanotechnology and medicine.

In his current research, Dr. Chandrasekaran works on functionalizing such DNA nanostructures with click chemistry and photocleavable moieties, as well as DNA nanotechnology-based biosensors.

Please read the full article: https://www.cell.com/trends/biochemical-sciences/fulltext/S0968-0004(18)30195-6

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