Dr. Maksim Royzen

Bio-orthogonal Love

When asked to talk about his research, Dr. Maksim (Max) Royzen reflexively turns the conversation towards love from the first site: “Bio-orthogonal chemistry is based on the notion that the two reactive molecules have to find each other and connect in the sea of billions of other reactive species.”  One of his projects is focused on applying ‘love from the first site concepts’ to imaging of mRNA in live mammalian cells. Another, aims to study the behavior of viral RNA inside the host cells. Max’s research is highly collaborative, spirited by his personal goal of publishing at least one research paper with every member of the RNA Institute.

Max says that so far he is most proud of putting together “a strong research team, consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, and visiting scholars.” His team is comprised of scientists of diverse backgrounds and skill sets that synergistically contribute towards achievement of complex research goals. Max pointed out that his most important lesson to his students was how to achieve resiliency to occasional failure. A chemist who succeeds 1 out of 10 times on a consistent basis is a pretty successful chemist (or an RNA chemist, for that matter).



Aug 01, 2015

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