Dr. Sheng’s new work on DNA structures

Dr. Jia Sheng, Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at the University at Albany and Affiliated Faculty at The RNA Institute, recently published new research on DNA structures in the journal Nucleic Acids Research. DNA can form diverse structures, which predefine their physiological functions. Besides duplexes that carry the genetic information, quadruplexes are the most well-studied DNA structures. In addition to their important roles in recombination, replication, transcription and translation, DNA quadruplexes have also been applied to diagnose and treat disease.

In this newest work entitled “High-resolution DNA quadruplex structure containing all the A-, G-, C-, T-tetrads”, Dr. Sheng, in collaboration with Dr. Jianhua Gan’s lab at Fudan University, further expands the sequence and structure complexity of DNA quadruplex by presenting a high-resolution crystal structure of a 17mer-DNA. This is the first quadruplex structure that contains all the internal A-, G-, C-, T-tetrads, A:T:A:T tetrads and bulged nucleotides in one single structure. In addition, their structure also provides great new insights into cation recognition, including the first-time reported Pb2+, by tetrad structures.

Read the full publication here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30285239

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