HMS Initiative for RNA Medicine Seminar via Zoom

HMS Initiative for RNA Medicine Seminar via Zoom, Tuesday, June 2nd at 3:00 PM EST:   "Long Noncoding RNAs Interact with Bromodomain Proteins to Regulate Development"     Alan C. Mullen, MD, PhD Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School Assistant … Continued

RNA Collaborative Seminar Series – Riboclub hosting

Francois Bachand, Sherbrooke Nutrient-dependent control of RNA polymerase II elongation rate regulates gene expression programs by alternative polyadenylation   Andrew McMillan, University of Alberta Spliceosome Structure: Can the Blind Men Now Describe the Elephant?

London Calling 2020 – Free Virtual Event

London Calling is a conference dedicated to scientific research using nanopore DNA/RNA sequencing. This year, we have moved to a virtual event that is open to all. Register to attend to hear from a host of international speakers across three … Continued

ISMB 2020

ISMB 2020 is going virtual! Mark your calendars and join us July 13-16   The annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology (ISMB) is the flagship meeting of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB). The 2020 conference … Continued

CRYO-EM and it’s role in Understanding Translation

August 30, 2020 (The day before the start of the CSHL Translational Control Meeting) 8:30am-7:00pm Vagelos Education Center, Columbia University, New York, NY Please find details of the agenda, how to register, and other activities at: Registration is required, but it … Continued