Jana Jenquin Wins Best Oral Platform Presentation

IDMC-12 Gothenburg Sweden

Jana Jenquin, PhD, was awarded best oral platform presentation by the IDMC-12 organizing committee at the recent IDMC-12 meeting (https://idmc12.org) held in Gothenburg Sweden. You can see the full program with all speakers here. The IDMC meeting occurs every other year and brings together basic and clinical researchers and individuals with myotonic dystrophy and their families. In addition to Jana giving a presentation, several other members of the Berglund lab presented their research and were recognized for their excellence. These included a presentation by Kaalak Reddy, PhD (RNA Institute), Carl Shotwell (UF) and Ryan Meng (RNA Institute) who were both awarded a MDA travel grant based on their poster presentations, and Joe Ellis (UF) presented a poster.

Dr. Andy Berglund also gave an overview of the therapeutic developments on the family day portion of the conference. Some pictures and comments are on MDF’s Facebook page for this presentation.

Jana’s presented work was recently published in ACS Pharmacology and Translation Science on July 17, 2019 and is entitled “Combination Treatment of Erythromycin and Furamidine Provides Additive and Synergistic Rescue of Mis-Splicing in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Models.” The other authors on this work are Hongfen Yang and Robert Huigens in UF College of Pharmacy and Masayuki Nakamori at the University of Osaka, Japan. Jana was supported by an NSF Fellowship during her graduate work at the University of Florida.

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