Logo Guidelines

The following guidelines for The RNA Institute logo are provided to affiliated labs to promote their RNA research. Additional organizations wishing to use the logo must provide a justification along with a usage request. Contact Paul Gumpper with any questions about who can use the logo and to obtain permission.

  1. Approval must be received from The RNA Institute prior any use of the logo.
  2. The RNA Institute logo is a registered trademark and cannot be altered in any way. Files and brand specifications will be provided once approval is given.
  3. All requests for use of The RNA Institute logo must be made through email to RNA@Albany.edu.
  4. The Rosette and wordmark must be used together with either stacked or side by side layout.
  5. When the logo is used in digital media, links from the logo can only link back to The RNA Institute website. www.rna.albany.edu.
  6. Logo use is a one-time use only basis. Repeated usage will require addtional permissions for each time it is to be used even by an affiliated lab or organization that has previously been given permission unless otherwise specified in part or in full by an agreement or agreed upon project run.
  7. The RNA Institute reserves the right to request that a previously granted request may be withdrawn
  8. There must be sufficient space around the logo to maintain its appearance. See illustrations:logoparameterexample
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