Welcome to The RNA Institute

Science directed technology development

The RNA Institute was created to be a research intensive environment with the aim of developing clusters of scientific discovery in and around RNA therapeutics. The imperative lies in making advancements in standardizing RNA technologies, commercialization of RNA therapeutics and applications that are market ready. The purpose of the Institute is to further interdisciplinary collaborations on a swath of diseases that can be treated or eradicated by the technologies, tools, methods and materials developed at the Institute.


The Institute is focused on disseminating the technologies, tools, methods and materials through collaborations with researchers in a breadth of disciplines and foci critical to the advancement of scientific capabilities. RNA is ephemeral and challenging to work with but its potential in medical sciences and human health is invaluable. The Institute endeavors to overcome the obstacles of working with RNA by enabling the development of novel RNA therapies to precede and regulates protein synthesis through high impact practices that include having access to an extensive array of advanced equipment, dedicated partnerships, streamline commercialization channels, specialized experts, and mentorship-based training.

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