Exceptional Nuclease Resistance of Paranemic Crossover (PX) DNA and Crossover-Dependent Biostability of DNA Motifs

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Bacterial group II intron genomic neighborhoods reflect survival strategies: hiding and hijacking

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Locally acting transcription factors regulate p53-dependent cis-regulatory element activity

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How to Perform miRacles: A Step-by-Step microRNA Detection Protocol Using DNA Nanoswitches.

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Drug Screen Tugs at Common Thread for Repeat Disorders.

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Gli3 Regulates Vomeronasal Neurogenesis, Olfactory Ensheathing Cell Formation, and GnRH-1 Neuronal Migration

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Regional Differences following Partial Salivary Gland Resection

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Sequential Regulation of Maternal mRNAs through a Conserved cis-Acting Element in Their 3′ UTRs

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Rationally Engineered Nucleic Acid Architectures for Biosensing Applications.

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DNA nanotechnology approaches for microRNA detection and diagnosis.

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Epitranscriptomic marks: Emerging modulators of RNA virus gene expression

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Epitranscriptomic systems regulate the translation of reactive oxygen species detoxifying and disease linked selenoproteins

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A CTG repeat-selective chemical screen identifies microtubule inhibitors as selective modulators of toxic CUG RNA levels

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Spliceosomal Prp8 intein at the crossroads of protein and RNA splicing

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Molecular mechanism of poliovirus Sabin vaccine strain attenuation

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Detecting miRNAs Using DNA Nanoswitches.

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Bio-orthogonal chemistry-based method for fluorescent labelling of ribosomal RNA in live mammalian cells

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HuR counteracts miR-330 to promote STAT3 translation during inflammation-induced muscle wasting

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Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for Single Molecule Protein Detection

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Click and photo-release dual-functional nucleic acid nanostructures

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Mitigating RNA Toxicity in Myotonic Dystrophy using Small Molecules.

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Combination Treatment of Erythromycin and Furamidine Provides Additive and Synergistic Rescue of Mis-Splicing in Myotonic Dystrophy Type 1 Models

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Mechanism of Single-Stranded DNA Activation of Recombinase Intein Splicing

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Cisplatin protects mice from challenge of Cryptococcus neoformans by targeting the Prp8 intein

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Modification of messenger RNA by 2'-O-methylation regulates gene expression in vivo

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Identification and Quantification of Modified Nucleosides in Saccharomyces cerevisiae mRNAs

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Repeat-associated RNA structure and aberrant splicing.

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A Molecular Hero Suit for In Vitro and In Vivo DNA Nanostructures

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Integration of a photocleavable element into DNA nanoswitches

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Zika Virus Subverts Stress Granules To Promote and Restrict Viral Gene Expression

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CoSIMS: An Optimized Trajectory-Based Collision Simulator for Ion Mobility Spectrometry

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pH-Operated Triplex DNA Device on MoS2 Nanosheets

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Structure of an engineered intein reveals thiazoline ring and provides mechanistic insight

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Cellular microRNA detection with miRacles: microRNA- activated conditional looping of engineered switches

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General Recognition of U-G, U-A, and C-G Pairs by Double-Stranded RNA-Binding PNAs Incorporated with an Artificial Nucleobase

Ong AAL, Toh DK, Patil KM, Meng Z, Yuan Z, Krishna MS, Devi G, Haruehanroengra P, Lu Y, Xia K, Okamura K, Sheng J, Chen G.

Biochemistry · March 12, 2019

Controlled disassembly of a DNA tetrahedron using strand displacement

Chandrasekaran AR, Halvorsen K.

Nanoscale Adv. · March 01, 2019

Vector Competence of Aedes caspius and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes for Zika virus, Spain

Gutiérrez-López R, Bialosuknia SM, Ciota AT, Montalvo T, Martínez-de la Puente J, Gangoso L, Figuerola J, Kramer LD

Emerging Infectious Diseases · February 25, 2019

tRNA modification and cancer: potential for therapeutic prevention and intervention

Endres L, Fasullo M, Rose R.

Furture Medicinal Chemistry · February 12, 2019

E3 ubiquitin ligase Hectd3 promotes pathogenic Th17 lineage through Stat3 activation and Malt1 signaling

Cho JJ, Mansouri S, Drashansky TT, Helm EY, Zuniga AN, Xu Z, Parthasarathy U, Lorentsen KJ, Uddin MN, Duong DM, Edelmann MJ, Gehring T, Krappmann D, Califano D, Li HM, Wang RL, Cho JY, Jin L, Zhou L, Avram D

Nature Communications · February 11, 2019

Sequential Regulation of Maternal mRNAs through a Conserved cis-Acting Element in Their 3' UTRs

Flora P, Wong-Deyrup SW, Martin ET, Palumbo RJ, Nasrallah M, Oligney A, Blatt P, Patel D, Fuchs G, Rangan P

Cell Reports · December 26, 2018

Blood-treatment of Lyme borreliae demonstrates the mechanism of CspZ-mediated complement evasion to promote systemic infection in vertebrate hosts

Marcinkiewicz AL, Dupuis AP 2nd, Zamba-Campero M, Nowak N, Kraiczy P, Ram S, Kramer LD, Lin YP

Cell Microbiology · December 20, 2018

Bio-Orthogonal Chemistry and Reloadable Biomaterial Enable Local Activation of Antibiotic Prodrugs and Enhance Treatments against Staphylococcus aureus Infections

Magdalena Czuban, Sangeetha Srinivasan, Nathan A. Yee, Edgar Agustin, Anna Koliszak, Ethan Miller, Irfan Khan∥, Ilenis Quinones∥, Hasina Noory∥, Christopher Motola∥, Rudolf Volkmer, Mariagrazia Di Luca, Andrej Trampuz, Maksim Royzen, and Jose M. Mejia Oneto

ACS Central Science · December 12, 2018

Tip60 complex promotes expression of a differentiation factor to regulate germline differentiation in female Drosophila

Alicia McCarthy, Aron Deiulio, Elliot Todd Martin, Maitreyi Upadhyay, Prashanth Rangan, Denise Montell

Molecular Biology of The Cell · November 26, 2018

Structure of an Engineered Intein Reveals Thiazoline Ring and Provides Mechanistic Insight as a Splicing Switch

Pearson SC, Nemati R, Liu B, Zhang J, Scalabrin M, Li Z, Li HM, Fabris D, Belfort M, Belfort G

Biotechnology and Bioengineering · November 18, 2018

GPx3 supports ovarian cancer progression by manipulating the extracellular redox environment.

Worley BL1, Kim YS1, Mardini J1, Zaman R1, Leon KE2, Vallur PG1, Nduwumwami A1, Warrick JI3, Timmins PF4, Kesterson JP5, Phaëton R6, Lee NY7, Walter V8, Endres L9, Mythreye K10, Aird KM2, Hempel N11

Redox Biology · November 17, 2018

Mycobacterial DnaB helicase intein as oxidative stress sensor

Kelley DS, Lennon CW, Li Z, Miller MR, Banavali N, Li HM, Belfort M

Nature Communications · October 19, 2018

DNA nanocarriers: Programmed to deliver

BR Madhanagopal, S Zhang, E Demirel, H Wady and AR Chandrasekaran

Trends in Biomedical Sciences · October 18, 2018

Furamidine Rescues Myotonic Dystrophy Type I Associated Mis-Splicing through Multiple Mechanisms.

Jenquin JR, Coonrod LA, Silverglate QA, Pellitier NA, Hale MA, Xia G, Nakamori M, Berglund JA.

ACS Chem Biol. · September 21, 2018

MrpJ Directly Regulates Proteus mirabilis Virulence Factors, Including Fimbriae and Type VI Secretion, during Urinary Tract Infection

Debnath, I., Stringer, A. M., Smith, S. N., Bae, E., Mobley, H. L. T., Wade, J. T. and Pearson, M. M.

Infection and Immunity · September 21, 2018

Extensive recoding of dengue virus type 2 specifically educes replication in primate cells without gain-of-function in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Stauft CB, Shen SH, Song Y, Gorbatsevych O, Asare E, Futcher B, Mueller S, Payne A, Brecher M, Kramer L, Wimmer E

PloS one · September 07, 2018

An engineered RNA binding protein with improved splicing regulation.

Hale MA, Richardson JI, Day RC, McConnell OL, Arboleda J, Wang ET, Berglund JA.

Nucleic Acids Res. · April 06, 2018

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