Controlled disassembly of a DNA tetrahedron using strand displacement

AR Chandrasekaran and K Halvorsen

Nanoscale Advances · December 21, 2018

Cellular microRNA detection with miRacles: microRNA activated conditional looping of engineered switches

AR Chandrasekaran, M MacIsaac, P Dey, O Levchenko, L Zhou, M Andres, BK Dey and K Halvorsen

Science Advances · May 30, 2018

DNA nanocarriers: Programmed to deliver

BR Madhanagopal, S Zhang, E Demirel, H Wady and AR Chandrasekaran

Trends in Biomedical Sciences · October 18, 2018

Bio-Orthogonal Chemistry and Reloadable Biomaterial Enable Local Activation of Antibiotic Prodrugs and Enhance Treatments against Staphylococcus aureus Infections

Magdalena Czuban, Sangeetha Srinivasan, Nathan A. Yee, Edgar Agustin, Anna Koliszak, Ethan Miller, Irfan Khan∥, Ilenis Quinones∥, Hasina Noory∥, Christopher Motola∥, Rudolf Volkmer, Mariagrazia Di Luca, Andrej Trampuz, Maksim Royzen, and Jose M. Mejia Oneto

ACS Central Science · December 12, 2018

MrpJ Directly Regulates Proteus mirabilis Virulence Factors, Including Fimbriae and Type VI Secretion, during Urinary Tract Infection

Debnath, I., Stringer, A. M., Smith, S. N., Bae, E., Mobley, H. L. T., Wade, J. T. and Pearson, M. M.

Infection and Immunity · September 21, 2018

tRNA modification and cancer: potential for therapeutic prevention and intervention

Endres L, Fasullo M, Rose R.

Furture Medicinal Chemistry · February 12, 2019

GPx3 supports ovarian cancer progression by manipulating the extracellular redox environment.

Worley BL1, Kim YS1, Mardini J1, Zaman R1, Leon KE2, Vallur PG1, Nduwumwami A1, Warrick JI3, Timmins PF4, Kesterson JP5, Phaëton R6, Lee NY7, Walter V8, Endres L9, Mythreye K10, Aird KM2, Hempel N11

Redox Biology · November 17, 2018

Mycobacterial DnaB helicase intein as oxidative stress sensor

Kelley DS, Lennon CW, Li Z, Miller MR, Banavali N, Li HM, Belfort M

Nature Communications · October 19, 2018

Structure of an Engineered Intein Reveals Thiazoline Ring and Provides Mechanistic Insight as a Splicing Switch

Pearson SC, Nemati R, Liu B, Zhang J, Scalabrin M, Li Z, Li HM, Fabris D, Belfort M, Belfort G

Biotechnology and Bioengineering · November 18, 2018

E3 ubiquitin ligase Hectd3 promotes pathogenic Th17 lineage through Stat3 activation and Malt1 signaling

Cho JJ, Mansouri S, Drashansky TT, Helm EY, Zuniga AN, Xu Z, Parthasarathy U, Lorentsen KJ, Uddin MN, Duong DM, Edelmann MJ, Gehring T, Krappmann D, Califano D, Li HM, Wang RL, Cho JY, Jin L, Zhou L, Avram D

Nature Communications · February 11, 2019

Sequential Regulation of Maternal mRNAs through a Conserved cis-Acting Element in Their 3' UTRs

Flora P, Wong-Deyrup SW, Martin ET, Palumbo RJ, Nasrallah M, Oligney A, Blatt P, Patel D, Fuchs G, Rangan P

Cell Reports · December 26, 2018

Molecular mechanism of poliovirus Sabin vaccine strain attenuation

Avanzino BC, Jue H, Miller CM, Cheung E, Fuchs G, Fraser CS

The Journal of Biological Chemistry · October 05, 2019

Tip60 complex promotes expression of a differentiation factor to regulate germline differentiation in female Drosophila

Alicia McCarthy, Aron Deiulio, Elliot Todd Martin, Maitreyi Upadhyay, Prashanth Rangan, Denise Montell

Molecular Biology of The Cell · November 26, 2018

Sequential Regulation of Maternal mRNAs through a Conserved cis-Acting Element in Their 3′ UTRs

PoojaFlora12Siu WahWong-Deyrup1, Elliot, ToddMartin1, RyanJ.Palumbo13, MohamadNasrallah14, AndrewOligney15, PatrickBlatt1, DhruvPatel16, GabrieleFuchs1, PrashanthRangan17

Cell Reports · December 26, 2019

Extensive recoding of dengue virus type 2 specifically educes replication in primate cells without gain-of-function in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes

Stauft CB, Shen SH, Song Y, Gorbatsevych O, Asare E, Futcher B, Mueller S, Payne A, Brecher M, Kramer L, Wimmer E

PloS one · September 07, 2018

Blood-treatment of Lyme borreliae demonstrates the mechanism of CspZ-mediated complement evasion to promote systemic infection in vertebrate hosts

Marcinkiewicz AL, Dupuis AP 2nd, Zamba-Campero M, Nowak N, Kraiczy P, Ram S, Kramer LD, Lin YP

Cell Microbiology · December 20, 2018

Vector Competence of Aedes caspius and Ae. albopictus mosquitoes for Zika virus, Spain

Gutiérrez-López R, Bialosuknia SM, Ciota AT, Montalvo T, Martínez-de la Puente J, Gangoso L, Figuerola J, Kramer LD

Emerging Infectious Diseases · February 25, 2019

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