RNA Café

The RNA Café provides a laid back, roundtable environment for students and postdocs to explore non-traditional science career through an invited seminar series of PhD scientists who have pursued careers beyond academia and to discuss their career path, process, and experiences. This begins the introspective process of addressing critical questions during academic training of identifying short and long term career goals and the steps to take in order to be successful in achieving them. The RNA Café serves to expose students across the sciences at UAlbany to careers away from the bench in industry, venture capital, bioethics, science policy, advocacy, education and outreach. This provides great networking opportunities among students and postdocs and to make connections with scientists in a variety of career areas that can provide advice and opportunities.

To get involved contact Jen Montimurro.

Upcoming Events:

To be announced soon!

Past Schedules

March 21st from 5-6PM in LSRB 1143
Dr. Sally Temple
Scientific Director, Principal Investigator and Co-Founder of the Neural Stem Cell Institute
From Stem cell research to Therapy development at the Neural Stem Cell Institute”

January 21st- RNA Cafe: What are employers looking for? A discussion with a science career recruiter.

Fall 2015 Schedule

Spring 2015 Schedule  

Fall 2014 Schedule

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