RNA Fellows Program

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Please welcome our 6th cohort of RNA Fellows for the

Ph.D. training program in RNA science

The sixth cohort of RNA Fellows and their mentors (2020-2021)

RNA Fellows 2020 – 2021

Amir Agharezaee (Chemsitry, Royzen Lab)
Avinash Londhe (SUNY Poly, Boivin Lab)
Pheonah Badu (Biology, Pager Lab)
Christopher Smith (Chemistry, Yigit Lab)
Dana Woodstock (Biology, Sammons Lab)
Ed Zandro Taroc (Biology, Forni Lab)
Luis Perez Almodovar (Chemistry, Lednev Lab)
Mahera Kachwala (Chemistry, Yigit Lab)
Noor Kobt (Biomedical Sciences, Rangan Lab)
Rachel Fay (Biomedical Sciences, Ciota Lab)
Ryan Treen (Biomedical Sciences, Ojha Lab)
Sara Evke (SUNY Poly, Melendez / Begley Labs)
Tristin Head (SUNY Poly, Cady Lab)
William Gasperi (Biology, Begley Lab)
Raghu Katreddi (Biology, Forni Lab)

This novel training program, RNA in Health and Disease, supported by an NIH training grant, provides a multi-disciplinary curriculum with a focus on RNA and its health-related benefits. The program aims to develop future science leaders by providing graduate students with a comprehensive access to faculty, techniques and collaborations within UAlbany, SUNY Polytechnic Institute and the RNA Institute.

As a coordinated effort between the departments of Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, and Nanobiosciences and funded by NIH, UAlbany and SUNY Polytechnic, we have awarded 14 fellows for the 2020 – 2021 academic year.  Students receive an enhanced stipend of $27,000 / year, specialized training and added opportunities to interact with RNA scientists.

Benefits and expectations for RNA Fellows are:

  1. Participate in the monthly Hudson Valley RNA Club

  2. Take the 1-year flagship RNA course

  3. Attend the Annual RNA Symposium

  4. Write an F32 or another grant application for your QE2 or other submission

  5. Attend the summer RNA Institute Retreat

  6. Take/audit a new 1 credit course on Rigor and Reproducibility offered by UAlbany

  7. Receive dedicated training in our Entrepreneurship or Science Communication Tracks

  8. Participate in the writing of a review article manuscript specific to your field with your mentor or mentor team by the end of your graduate career

Good Luck RNA Fellows!


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