RNA Institute Undergraduate Summer Fellowship

The RNA Institute will offer competitive summer fellowships for undergraduate students interested in pursuing interdisciplinary research within the lab of one of our Institute faculty. Students will receive a stipend and will be expected to pursue research for a significant portion of the summer. At the end of the summer, students will present their research to their peers, donors and members of the Institute. Interested students should contact one of the Institute faculty to discuss the opportunities available in their lab of choice.

This opportunity is open to undergraduate students enrolled for Fall 2020.

To apply, please submit the materials detailed below at the following link by April 14, 2020:  Apply Here



  • We hope that the COVID-19 situation has improved by summer 2020, however, remote projects, such as learning bioinformatics and analyzing data sets, will be available as research projects.


Application Materials to be Submitted

1. Name and current year in school

2. Lab and mentor you are applying to work with during the summer

3. Provide brief responses to the following:

(a). Describe your proposed summer research project that was developed with a RNA Institute faculty or member of one of the Institute labs

(b). Describe your short term (while in school) and long term (career) goals

4. Unofficial copy of your academic transcript

5. CV or Resume

If you have any questions about this application please contact Tammy Reid at tsreid@albany.edu



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