Program Structure

In the first week, summer research students will attend mandatory remote classroom sessions in the mornings taught by course leaders and RNA Institute faculty.  During these morning sessions, students will learn the basics of UNIX operating system, the R programming language and bioinformatics pipeline. During the remainder of the day, students will research and learn independently with remote assistance provided by RNA Institute co-leaders. Students will meet up again remotely as a group at the end of the day for a Question and Answer session and for instructors to check in on their learning and research progress during the day.

In the following weeks (2-10), summer research students will maintain this schedule of shorter mandatory remote morning classroom sessions, independent study and end of the day Q&A and check-in session. The schedule of topics for each week (see attached document) are designed to take student through the fundamentals of RNA science and the bioinformatics pipeline.

Students in the summer program must commit to attending these twice daily sessions and to performing independent learning and research during the rest of the day.

Schedule of events

  • Weeks 1-7 (learning and data analysis)
    • Students will be placed into small cohorts of 3-4 students, assigned a group leader and a secondary instructor for questions and guidance during their learning and data analysis stages.
    • All students will learn the same topics and perform standard analyses to make sure the concepts and programming language is well understood. All students will work on Project #1 (DM dataset) and project #2 (COVID-19).
    • Groups will present their interim findings at the end of weeks 4 and 7.
  • End of week 7 (project selection)
    • Students will select a more tailored Project (#3) based on their interests (differential gene expression, splicing analysis, RNA-seq analysis etc. or a specific area of study).
    • Students will be partnered with a senior lab member from an RNA Institute lab. This lab member will serve as their resource for scientific background on this final project and to introduce them to the other ongoing projects in the lab.
  • Weeks 8-10 (Project 3 analysis)
    • Students will be focused on learning the biology of, and analyzing the data for, their assigned project (#3) and creating their final presentations.
  • End of Week 10 (presentation)
    • Students will present their findings to members of the RNA Institute.

11:00am EST Daily Zoom meeting

4:00pm EST Daily Zoom meeting


Tuesday June 9th

10:00 am EST

Dr. Andy Berglund Seminar

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2:00pm EST – Lori Planco Discusses Myotonic Dystrophy

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