Undergraduate Research Involvement

Undergraduate students can read our article on how to go about finding a research opportunity. It contains the Institute's recommendations and potential interview questions:
Finding An Opportunity

To learn about doing undergraduate research through a specific department, please use the resources and channels outlined below:

  • The Chemistry department tracks which researchers are open to working with undergraduates. Please contact Brian Gabriel or Dr. Paul Toscano for further information and assistance in locating an appropriate lab. For-credit options are also available.
  • The Biology department utilizes a specific for-credit course (Bio399 or Bio499) called “Intro to Undergraduate Research.” Please take the time to learn about how the course works and to locate faculty members who have agreed to supervise an undergraduate. Please note that prospective undergraduate researchers must first reach out to and find a faculty member willing to accept them into their lab before being admitted into the course.
  • The Physics department: visit the department website to learn more about researchers that accept undergraduates in their labs and can assist with for-credit research possibilities as well.
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