WISH: Excellence at the Intersection of Science and Life Award

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WISH Excellence at the Intersection of Science and Life AWARDS


Life is hard – it can be even harder for those pursuing a degree in one of the STEM fields, but many individuals achieve school/work–life integration by succeeding academically or in their careers without losing sight of other important areas of their life. The Women in Science and Health (WISH) group has established an award to recognize students and postdoctoral fellows who are pursuing degrees and careers in STEM fields and are achieving excellence in their field while also being exemplars in excelling at life.


The WISH award, “Excellence at the Intersection of Science and Life,” is open to students and post-docs of any gender in a STEM field. There will be three $100 awards given, one each at the undergraduate, the graduate (MS/PhD studies), and the postdoctoral level (PhD or other advanced degree).


To apply for the award, please write an essay of up to 600 words on how you have achieved “Excellence at the Intersection of Science and Life.”


Deadline: 20 March 2020


Please upload your essay here:



Please indicate your name, degrees earned or being pursued, field of study, gender, and if you grant permission for your essay to be printed/published if it is selected as a winner at the upload site


Sponsored by Women in Science and Health (WISH): https://www.albany.edu/wish/


Contact members of the steering committee with any questions:


Marlene Belfort mbelfort@albany.edu

Kristen Corbosiero kcorbosiero@albany.edu

Julia Hormes jhormes@albany.edu

Melinda Larsen mlarsen@albany.edu

Janice Pata jpata@albany.edu

Elga Wulfert ewulfert@albany.edu


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